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On this page will be pictures of my own personal collection of 80s toys. I have EVERY care bear 12 inch Plus, 2 Teddy ruxpin's, a talking Grubby, several My little ponies, 5 five inch strawberry shortcake dolls, various dolls and characters from rainbow brite, 4 differnt plush popples, and 4 wuzzles plush's.

This is not all of them and i will probably never have my whole collection on film, but keep checking back and maybe someday I will.

Rainbow Brite and Baby Bite both purchased at Ebay, they come from Ohio and Pennsylvania

Here is *some* of my carebears and wuzzles, 2 of the wuzzles were purchased at Ebay and came from Iowa and New jersey, the care bears in the picture came from A fleamarket in West Virginia

Some individual pictures

Braveheart & bedtime bear

Wuzzles Eleroo & butterbear